Browser Extension CG teleconf — 21 Jul 2016

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Andrew Swan (aswan), Mike Pietraszak (mikepie), Florian Rivoal (Florian), Kris Maglione (kmag), Andrey Rybka (andrey-r)


<scribe> Scribenick: Florian

Status update

mikepie: Follow up registration of the protocol handler:
... I'm waiting to hear from Shwetank,
... but I have not heard back yet.
... I'll ping him.

Florian: It would be polite. By our rules, silence implies agreement, so we can move forward anyway though.

mikepie: I'll try to check with him when he's back from vacation, and submit in a week if I don't hear back.

Florian: aswan is now a member, so he can edit the spec I've set up. I just need to know your github id.

aswan: It is “aswan”.

Florian: I think we had a dependency on WebIDL, was that the case, and what's the status?

kmag: I think we wanted to change something in the mail, but I don't remember what. Looking at the minutes.
... But I think we're actually blocked on that, any feedback would be minor changes.

Florian: Good. So we can get going on the specs.

TPAC meeting

andrey-r: I saw our meeting was confirmed, great.

Florian: There's a new scheduling conflict with a Digital Publishing event. Should we reschedule?

all: No, it's ok.

RESOLUTION: Keep the TPAC meeting schedule

WebDriver additions for Extensions

mikepie: We will eventually want to develop an automated test suite to validate extension hosts.
... To do that, there's somethings that we need that you cannot do with Webdriver.
... You can already install an extension
... but you cannot interact with popups, or activate the extension

<andrey-r> I agree as well wptdriver support would be very much welcome

Florian: I agree this is needed.
... Did you have concrete proposals on the missing pieces?

mikepie: I have written a document, I can share it.


mikepie: Not sure what the next step is.
... The document shared above is has extensions over the original one. How do we move forward?

Florian: The proper way would be to follow the WebDriver group's practices, and either send a pull request, or a mail to their list.

mikepie: I have colleagues involved, I'll check with them what's the proper way.

kmag: We should get developer feedback as well.

mikepie: Will do.

ACTION: mikepie to post this to the browserext and webdriver group for comments [recorded in]

Florian: We may want to chime in the WebDriver meeting at TPAC as well.

mikepie: I think they're meeting on Monday and Tuesday.

Florian: I can't attend then, but you don't need me.

kmag: I should be able to attend if I can prepare early enough for travel.


andrey-r: Testing group meets on monday as well.

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: mikepie to post this to the browserext and webdriver group for comments [recorded in]

Summary of Resolutions

  1. Keep the TPAC meeting schedule