Browser Extension CG teleconf — 06 Oct 2016


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mikepie (Mike Pietraszak), Florian (Florian Rivoal), kmag (Kris Maglione)



Florian: Anything else to add to the agenda?

kmag: I'd like to talk about standardizing IDs.

mikepie: Let's talk about extended attributes as well.

Extended attributes

mikepie: We have some direct contacts what should help get the ball rolling by lightly prodding the right people.

Joint statement on native messaging

Florian: This is a first incomplete draft of the join statement we mentioned during TPAC.

kmag: I am not sure this is really necessary.

Florian: Not sure either, but I think it's not wrong to ping people who worry about the whole web platform if we're doing something that might matter to more than to just ourselves.

mikepie: Looks like a good start, will ping people at MS.
... What do we do once we have this?

Florian: I'll ping the TAG and see what they think of it.

Status update on

Florian: Anything to speak about without aswan on the call?

mikepie: Not really.

standardizing IDs

Florian: Have we though about using URLs (as in including a domain name in there) for IDs? You'd still have to map the ID to the application, but at least we'd get a clean space without too much colision problems.

kmag: We'd need a way to verify you own the domain, and some way to associate the ID with the application... Seems complicated.
... Maybe we could instead share our ID database from the respective vendor stores and allow registration on each store, but stores would check with the other stores that the ID is free.

Florian: Doesn't that lock us out of native messaging when not using app stores for distribution? Like private extensions, or enterprise distribution...

kmag: I think it's ok. Enterprise works with its own rules anyway, and the single developer use case doesn't really involve distribution, so it is ok.

mikepie: How about having 2 ids? a shared one that is unique across stores and one that is unique in your own store?
... I guess that doesn't help.

Florian: Has our various companies already solved a similar problem, and can we talk to the people who did that?

mikepie: There's globaly unique Ids, which deals with avoiding collisions, but it doesn't help with central registration
... How about : when I submit to the FF store, and it generates a unique ID for me. Then I use that ID to register in the MS store.

Florian: But that allows for spoofing.

kmag: Only if the end user can do it, so we shouldn't allow.

mikepie: Can we combine that with the domain name id?

kmag: I don't see how.

Florian: Should we ping crypto / security / ssl / ssh / etc people? They should be more familiar than us with this kind of issues.

mikepie: Let's do that, I know some folks.



mikepie: Number 2 is unfinished, it will read ext instead of cxt.
... 1 and 6 may not work at small sizes

Florian I like 2 4 and 8

mikepie: 4 looks like XML.

kmag: I like 4 5 and 8.

mikepie: I'll clean up 2 4 5 and 8.

kmag: I'll also try to involve our designers.

Reviewing / resolving issues in


Florian: Any particular issue you want feedback / discussion on?

mikepie: Not sure, let's just start with giving you an update:
... I merged the webdriver part.
... I also changed the naming convension, so that everything starts with BrowserExt, and unified Info/etc into Details
... I added a script to facilitate navigating through issues.
... so the thing I want input on is Issue 35, about some methods needing to be a POST instead of a GET.

kmag: There are two methods that need to be POST, because they have side effects: “Get Browser Extension Context Menu Items” and “Select Browser Extension Context Menu Item”.

mikepie: OK. I'll be doing a new iteration on this tomorrow, and then the section should be ready for review.

Florian: Skipping the issues that are TODOs to yourself, it would be nice to register the issues that need discussions into github.

mikepie: Will do.

kmag: Should we provide regex for comment removal?
... I'll register than into github, OK?

mikepie: Sounds good.

Community involvement

Florian: A while back we talked about trying to reach out to more people and try to get them involved, to comment on the spec.
... As we're starting to have a spec with issues to discuss, are we at that point, or would it still be a waste of time for most people to come at this point?

mikepie: I'd like to look at some usage data to check first that we have the key APIs that people will want to look at to avoid disapointing them, but other than that yes, we should be able to now.
... I can look for extension vendors that can already use the stuff we have
... If Andrey had some specific vendors in mind, that let's us look at it from the other direction and ask them what they think is missing.

Next meeting

mikepie: Let's try in two weeks.

Florian: Should we try and adjust the time for aswan?

mikepie: Yes, and for Shwetank as well.

Florian: Let's book the same time for now, and in parallel try and talk to them. We can adjust if they propose something that works better.