Browser Extension CG teleconf — 16 Nov 2016


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mikepie (Mike Pietraszak), kmag (Kris Maglione), aswan (Andrew Swan), andrey-r (Andrey Rybka), Florian (Florian Rivoal)



Florian: Anything to discuss besides what's listed in the mail?

mikepie: Nope, looks good.

aswan: Discussing common IDs.

mikepie: It's issue number 3 in my spec.

Native messaging spec

aswan: I finally pushed a draft out yesterday.
... Narrowing the scope last month helped, so it should be short.
... So now we have something to review and work on.
... Mike, have you looked at it?

mikepie: Not yet, but I should be able to within a week.

aswan: Can't complain, I've taken my time to get this far :)

kmag: I should be able to look as well.

Florian: I'll give it a look as well, but you guys are the experts.
... aswan, anything you want to ask the group about already?

aswan: Native messaging is using the ports object, like regular messaging. I was hoping to be able to reference the primary spec. Just not sure about how to do the citation.

mikepie: Florian has shown me how to do proper links, I'll send you the doc.

aswan: I'd rather avoid duplicating things.

Florian: Absolutely, and the tools should help you to it.
... I know more about Bikeshed than respec, but both should be helping us cross referencing, we just need to look at the documentation.

Browser Extension Spec

mikepie: I've made a number of changes to address open issues in the spec. I'll walk you through the changes I'm about to merge.
... Issue 1&2: I haven't addressed these yet. Will be the next thing I do.
... Issue 3: Now let's talk about IDs. I have not been able to talk to the broader team about kmag's proposal. I will soon, but not yet, so can't resolve today.
... Issues 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8: these are things we already agreed about, so I've removed them. I used to leave resolved issue in the spec in green instead of red, but it is easier to follow if they are removed.
... Issue 9: not addressed yet, but will be called issue 4 after merging due to resolved issues being removed.
... Issue 10, 11, 12, 13 are already resolved.

andrey-r: I don't recall what I meant about issue 14

mikepie: Since nobody remembers, I7m removing the issue. To be reopened if someone remembers and cares.
... Issue 15, 16: previously solved issues, removing.
... Issue 17: This still needs to be done. It is about which DOMString is nullable.
... Issue 18&19: previously addressed, removing.
... I've added section 2.2.2 about promises and callbacks.
... I think it makes sense to switch to promises, but we haven't closed on this internally.

Florian: Can we spec promises, and try and push that to your team? When do you meet?

mikepie: I expect we'll be able to resolve quickly.

Florian: I wonder what we do if you push back.

mikepie: I think we'll be ok.
... We just need to go through it, and haven't yet.

aswan: You've made it a subsection of Events, but that looks misplaced.

mikepie: Yeah, it should move up one level, maybe 2.3.
... Issues 20 and 21 are about the i18n object. kmag said there is some content we could reuse. Is that the one linked from the issue?

kmag: I commented in issue 24.

mikepie: Great, I'll use that.
... Issue 22: last time we said we might not need LastError, but would keep onInstalled.
... I've done that.

Florian: Wasn't leaving out LastError related to using promises?

mikepie: Yes, I'm half way through, that'll push me over maybe.
... Issue 23: we suggested adding captureVisibleTabs, but not onReplaced, kmag, is that correct?

kmag: yes.

mikepie: So that's what I did.

Florian: I think there was a follow up on github about onReplaced after the call.

mikepie: I'll check github again, but I don't think we needed it. There is always a workaround for every situation I've looked at.

kmag: This is pretty browser specific, I don't think we need it.
... It doesn't work the way I'd guess, and it doesn't seem to follow the description. Even after having tried to implement it.

mikepie: Issue 24: I still need to do this one. This is about properly declaring the right type of integers.
... Issue 25: I have not addressed this yet.
... Issue 26. I have now linked to the right part of the CSP, but we still need to get into the details, so the issue is not resolved.
... Issue 27 through 30: all resolved in the previous version, removing the resolved issues now.
... Issue 31: What else in addition to the string that gets displayed as a title should we use to identify as an extension?

andrey-r: I think we need both the title and the id.

Florian: In how many places do we show these strings in?

mikepie: In Edge, 3: the store, the management UI, what you get with a tooltip if you hover over the browser action or page action.
... I don't think we'd want one for the store, but the management UI, and the tooltip, maybe.
... In general having the id is more reliable,
... but for simple test cases, using the strings can be more convenient. And the strings sound like something you may want to test as well.
... Ok, sounds good. I'll make the update as we seem to agree.
... Issue 32 is about adding a type indicator. I've added check boxes, radio buttons, a standard item and a separator.
... Issue 33 is not addressed yet.
... Neither is 34.
... Issue 35: kmag I think you suggested at TPAC that we may want to support user permissions and prompts.

kmag: I think we need to talk to the permission WG
... but the issue comes up when you are trying to use something that causes a permission prompt to pop up.
... We need a way to deal with them.

mikepie: I understand now. I'll clean that up and get in touch with the permission WG.
... Issue 36 about the life time of extensions. I've added section 6.2.1
... [summarises spec]
... Issue 37: previously resolved.
... Will merge issue 38 with 35.
... Issue 39: still TBD.
... Everybody OK with the pull request being merged?

all: [nod]


Florian: We're no longer an egg on twitter.
... kmag, have you checked with the Mozilla design folks?

kmag: Not yet, do I need to wait on something?

Florian: I don't think so.

Next meeting

Florian: How about same time december 14?

mikepie: OK

andrey-r: OK