Browser Extension CG teleconf — 18 Jan 2017


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Anders Rundgren (AndersR), Mike Pietraszak (mikepie), Scott Low (scottlow), Florian Rivoal (Florian)
Andrew Swan

mikepie: Let me give some updates on the status of the specs.
... I've made some commits and merged pull requests to make things easier to review..
... One part of this was fixing ReSpec errors,
... and I've added a number of place holders.
... Another group of change was about correctly marking informative vs normative sections, as well as correctly using MUST vs SHOULD terminology.
... Also scottlow made a big substantive change.

scottlow: My change is about WebDriver.

mikepie: We discussed several changes to WeBdriver during TPAC.
... Kris has suggestions about ways to extend it, and scottlow made some proposals along these lines.
... It would be good to get feedback from other browser vendors on that.

Florian: If we don't manage to get Mozilla on board today, and it seems we may not, I'll try and figure out how to reengage.
... Shwetank has rejoined the group a week ago, from a different company.
... I have confirmed with Opera that they are still interested, but it is not yet clear who they can assign. We will be updated when possible.
... In the absence of a full browser vendor quorum, I'm afraid we have to cut this short. I will be in touch with Mozilla and try to arrange a new meeting as soon as practical.